Is It Time To Consider Starlin Castro a Third Basemen?

By gilgerard
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

Starlin Castro is one of the best young offensive talents in all of baseball. I believe as he continues to mature, he’s going to develop real home run power, and when he does that? He’s going to be feared at the plate. When he gets himself into better hitting counts by laying off bad pitches? He’s going to be feared at the plate. However, his future as a shortstop? Should be in serious question.

Look, Castro is incredibly athletic. He’s got great range, good footwork, and can make some plays look easy. However, it doesn’t change the fact he makes ALOT of errors and that costs the  Chicago Cubs alot of runs. We’ve seen a ton of players convert to different players (Michael Young– multiple times, BJ Upton, Alfonso Soriano etc.) so it’s not impossible. Does it make sense to start thinking about moving Starlin Castro to third to make way for the emerging Javier Baez? Yes. It is.

This isn’t a knock on Castro or what he can do for this organization. To me, wouldn’t it make sense to move him to third, beef up, and become that feared talent at the plate? Everyone forgets what Miguel Cabrera was at 20-22 years old. An athletic, skinny, outfielder who would play third base. He put on some weight (not all good weight), moved to first and turned into an MVP player. Why can’t Castro do the same?

This shouldn’t be about pride, or saying “I told you so”. This should be about making the right decisions for the Chicago Cubs. Starlin Castro costs this team a lot of base runners and runs and that can’t be ignored any longer. The guy isn’t a rookie anymore. Maybe for some, it’s too early to consider this, but for me? This is a done deal. The Cubs will be better off for it, mark my words.

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