The Chicago Cubs Continue To Prove They Can't Pitch or Field

By gilgerard


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are bad. They’re probably worse than bad and warrant multiple 4 letter words, but I fear that I would be terminated for saying what I really feel about this baseball team. Winning teams can pitch, and winning teams make the plays in the field. The Cubs can’t do either, and for the foreseeable future? I don’t think they’ll do either.

Today is a perfect example. The Cubs finally hit and staked their starting pitcher Scott Feldman with a 5 run lead. A few innings later, an error, a few walks, and a few clutch hits- the San Francisco Giants take the lead. Of course that would be the game because the Cubs don’t have the offensive weapons to make up a 2 run deficit against good bullpens. Well, I take that back. They had their opportunity in the 8th, but they squandered a 1st and third nobody out situation in the 8th and managed only 1 run. Typical right? Getting bored of the same old garbage that hampers this team? Yeah- me too.

I don’t know what fans are supposed to do at this point except not show up. Why waste the money and time to watch a poor product? For this whole wait for 2016 thing…it’s a long way a way with a lot of work to be done in terms of player development. Regardless whether I believe it’s the way to go or not- doesn’t matter.

All that matters is this Cubs team is brutal. The arms they run out there on a day to day basis- are brutal. It’s completely frustrating to watch a team just not care about their pitching and defense.

Well, at least they’re going to make the playoffs for the next ten years starting in 2016. That is unless Jorge Soler is in prison “Milton Bradley style.” I think I’ll keep that champaign on ice for a few more years.

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