Carlos Quentin Should Be Suspended For Stupidity

By Bryan Zarpentine
Jake Roth – USATODAY Sports

There is no excuse for why San Diego Padres‘ outfielder Carlos Quentin charged the mound Thursday night after he was hit by Los Angeles Dodgers‘ pitcher Zack Greinke. Yes, it hurts to get hit by a fastball, but Major League Baseball players get hit by pitches every day, and it hurts for a few seconds, but almost all of them jog down to first base and are done with it. Quentin is no better than any of those players, and he should have reacted the same way.

If there was an intent to hit and injure a batter, then there is a right to be upset. But in the late innings of a close game in a 3-2 count, there was clearly no intent on the part of Greinke. Quentin has been around long enough to realize that he was not hit on purpose so there is no reason to justify anger or action, both of which were displayed when he stormed the mound with the intent of hurting Greinke, which he did, breaking his collarbone.

So why is Greinke on the shelf for the next several weeks with a broken collarbone? It’s not because one pitch got away from him and he hit a batter. It’s because Quentin was too stupid to realize that there’s no way Greinke hit him on purpose, regardless of what history the two may have or what paranoid thoughts may have been going through Quentin’s mind at the time.

Quentin’s stupidity will now cost Greinke over a handful of starts. If the number of games Quentin is suspended for isn’t a double-digit amount, then his punishment is too light. His punishment shouldn’t be for charging the mound, it should be for the lack of reasoning behind charging the mound. It was a stupid and ill-conceived choice that Quentin made by going after Greinke, and that’s why he should be suspended.


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