Chicago Cubs Right Where Most Expected After 10 Games

By Andrew Fisher
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

You usually can’t tell a whole lot about a team after only 10 games, but the norms don’t apply to the Chicago Cubs. It doesn’t matter what year it is, or who’s on the roster, the Cubs are predictable. As we sit 10 games into the 2013 season, Chicago has a 4-6 record, and we’ve seen more of the same from the lovable losers.

It only took five games for Carlos Marmol to get the hook as the closer, the defense has been bad, and key players have been inconsistent at the plate. Sounds about right…

This is the reality, that is the Chicago Cubs. Did anyone expect different trends from this year’s squad? I know I didn’t. There’s been little done to upgrade the talent on the field, and there’s no good reason to think things will change anytime soon.

With all that being said, there is some hope for his year’s squad. I don’t mean hope of going to the playoffs, but hope of being a respectable team. There are some talented players on the roster, but just not enough of them to propel this team to anywhere near relevant. The only chance this team has at respectability, is to clean it up on defense, and to eliminate blown saves.

When the Cubs have a chance at victory, they can’t afford to blow it with bad defense or pitching. They blew leads each of the past two days, and were lucky enough to come back for a walk-off win in one of them. That luck won’t be there all year. Chicago has to play near mistake-free on defense, or they’re headed for another 90+ loss season. There’s just not enough firepower on offense to overcome sloppy defense.

So after 10 games, we’ve all seen the same old Cubs, and history tells us that we’ll continue to see more of the same. Here’s to hoping that this year’s squad can at least start to play the game the right way, and put itself in position to win as many games as possible.


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