David DeJesus is Smartest Player on Chicago Cubs

By Reid Lester
david dejesus cubs
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I believe Chicago Cubs center fielder David DeJesus has the highest baseball IQ on the team.  DeJesus continues to make smart decisions both on offense and defense.  In yesterday’s game against the San Francisco Giants, DeJesus made two plays in the outfield that either kept runners from scoring or kept them from advancing extra bases.

DeJesus should be an inspiration to his teammates.  He is a model of hustle and determination.  I have been impressed with his consistency.  DeJesus always takes a good route to the ball, and he throws to the correct base without delay.  Maybe I have been watching Alfonso Soriano play for too long, but I find it refreshing that a lazy fly ball to center field doesn’t fill me with worry.  Soriano consistently makes routine plays look difficult and the difficult plays become a circus.  DeJesus’ skills in center field turn triples and doubles into singles.  Soriano’s adventures in left turn singles into doubles and triples.

DeJesus came through with a double in the 9th inning of the game yesterday.  With the Cubs down one run, his hit gave them multiple chances to tie the game.  Unfortunately the Cubs were unable to capitalize.  DeJesus is currently batting .194, but once he finds his groove and is able to raise his batting average, he will deliver even more key hits.  I think DeJesus will finish the year batting around .310.  He is clearly the captain of the outfield.  DeJesus continues to make smart decisions, and I hope his high baseball IQ rubs off on his teammates.

By Reid Lester

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