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Marwin Gonzalez Has Earned the Starting Shortstop Role

Marwin Gonzalez Houston Astros

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Marwin Gonzalez has really elevated his level of play so far this season. If we can remember back to the Houston Astros‘ second game of the season, he had a very key hit in that game. If it were not for Gonzalez, the Astros would have been perfected that day. He had a two out single in the bottom of the ninth that broke that perfect game bid up, and Astros fans around Houston were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief. But that obviously isn’t what I am talking about.

He is a much improved player so far this season, and he provides some pretty good defense at short. It is early, but the defense from Gonzalez compared to that of Ronny Cedeno has been overwhelmingly better. Between the two options the Astros have at shortstop, Gonzalez should be the clear cut starter. Well up until the Seattle series, he wasn’t. Cedeno had seen the majority of the starts, but Gonzalez has certainly taken the “bull by the horns”, so to speak, and earned that starters role.

Houston Astros’ manager, Bo Porter, has said Gonzalez will be making more starts for the Astros. I, for one, am happy to see this. As I said, Cedeno has not been a good option for the Astros so far. I wasn’t a big fan of him signing with the team in Spring Training. He doesn’t bring anything to the table, while Gonzalez, at the very least, brings good defense.

I am anxious to see how Gonzalez does with this role, I think he can handle it. The Astros will need him to step up, as shortstop is a weakness for this team. He has certainly earned these extra starts.