Philadelphia Phillies Still Struggling With Runners in Scoring Position

By Marilee Gallagher
Robert Mayer-USA Today Sports

For the Philadelphia Phillies, offensive production has at times been inconsistent this season. While the team has been performing right around the average mark, currently ranked 15th in runs scored, the Phillies have really been unable to put down the big, shutdown inning to really put the stronger teams away.

Part of this of course is because of how the team has once again put forth a not-so-positive showing when it comes to getting hits with runners in scoring position.

Against the Miami Marlins on Friday night, this was once again the case as the Phillies were a season worst, 3-for-13 with runners in scoring position. Only Domonic Brown and Michael Young were able to get hits, going 2-3 and 1-3 respectively.

Ultimately, the Phillies did end up winning the game but because of the missed opportunities, it took them until the 10th inning when Chase Utley hit a triple bringing home Ben Revere from first base. As such, it did not count as a RISP.

On the season, the Phillies are 13-for-45 hitting with runners in scoring position in losses, which is slightly better than a .200 batting average.

In wins, the team has been significantly better, going 11-for-35 with the inclusion of tonight’s lackluster performance. Their average in this situation is slightly better than .300.

Overall, the Phillies are still scoring runs and are still putting runs together in bunches. The problem, however, is that they are leaving quite a few potential runs on base, which has only come back to bite them with the inconsistencies of the starting pitching and bullpen.

This is one area that everyone on the team needs to improve on and is something that could really make the difference for the Phillies going forward. Being able to put teams away, especially those that have strong offensive lineups, will put less pressure on the pitching and would be beneficial to all as a result.

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