Zack Greinke Breaking Collarbone in a Fight for No Reason is Shameful

By David Miller

I love the game of baseball and it is a rare occasion when something I see makes me ashamed of the professionals that take part in the game. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke threw a pitch that hit Carlos Quentin of the San Diego Padres in the arm and a brawl broke out? What? Why? It’s not like this is the first time in his career Quentin has been hit. Goodness he has been hit 115 times in his short career.

The worst part of this situation isn’t that a fight broke out. That is always silly. I see no reason that charging the mound is going to cure getting hit by a baseball. The worst part is that the Dodgers star pitcher and one of the key components of their team now has a fractured collarbone and will miss several weeks of action. There is no telling how his season or even career might be affected by this one senseless action.

No matter what the situation, a plunk on the fatty part of the arm isn’t even a reason to be that mad. Sure it hurts. Quentin shouldn’t wear a major league uniform and hang out over the plate if he doesn’t like getting hit. Now the Dodgers have to find a way to get by without Greinke and most importantly, Greinke has to deal with a serious injury because Quentin can’t control his temper.

This is not hockey! It’s Major League Baseball. If Quentin can’t control himself any better than that, suspend his out of control rear end for the season, or at least as long as Greinke is out. Something has to be done by baseball even if it’s an official letter to Quentin that reads: Hey, you’re a big leaguer! If you get hit with the ball, shut your mouth and take your base! This isn’t the sandlot or your backyard. You can’t just throw things and smash people for doing their job.

Whatever gets done because of this is overdue. There is no reason for anyone to ever charge the mound. Most of the so called “brawls” are just a bunch of guys walking around and maybe shoving each other. The other end of the spectrum is something terrible like this happening. Major League Baseball has a job to do at their earliest convenience. End senseless brawls and end them now. Set the instant replay debate to the side, make a rule that says you can’t behave like a five year old when you represent a professional baseball team and call it a day.

Best of luck to Greinke in his recovery.

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