Zack Greinke Breaks Collarbone During Brawl With San Diego Padres

By gilgerard

Uh oh. Major League Baseball is not going to take too kindly to Carlos Quentin‘s actions as he started a crazy brawl Thursday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers. I didn’t see the game personally so I don’t know if anything happened prior, but Zack Greinke hit Quentin with a pitch and then Quentin charged the mound. Greinke was taken down and it turns out he has a broken collarbone, which means he’ll spend the next 6-9 weeks on the DL. My assumption is that it was an accident, not an intentional bean ball as not many guys throw at hitters when the count is full at 3-2.

This is a really tough blow for the Dodgers as Greinke was expected to cement the top of their rotation. With him being out, they could be in the market for a starting pitcher in the tough NL West.

Hitting guys are part of the game. Quentin stands on top of the plate and the pitcher has to pitch inside to a guy like that. Intentional or not, starting a brawl because of your own stance is pretty ridiculous and I can see a lengthy suspension for Quentin for not only starting the brawl, but starting a brawl that led to a pretty severe injury for a top player.

We’ll see what happens moving forward but this is a major blow for a team with heavy playoff hopes. We’ll continue to update you on this story on

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