Zack Greinke's Injury Proves How Pointless Baseball Brawls Are

By Ben Grimaldi
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last night one of the best pitchers on the Los Angeles Dodgers, Zack Greinke, got injured when he lowered his shoulder in order to absorb the punishment from the charging Carlos Quentin. In the fracas, Greinke broke his collarbone and is expected to miss significant time.

The incident makes me ask, why do brawls exist in baseball? When it’s over there are rarely any punches thrown, players are yelling at each other and trying to act tough when they’re being held back by teammates and they’ve done nothing but prolong a game that is too long to begin with. The players get ejected, usually suspended and the game continues. In short, nothing gets solved and the game continues. So what’s the point?

Baseball brawls are completely useless and only bad things can come from them, Greinke is evidence of that. Spare me any talk about how Greinke was protecting his teammate or how Quentin shouldn’t stand for being hit by Greinke because it’s all baloney. Neither player was standing up for themselves or their teammates, they were being foolish. They were foolish to put themselves in a position where the only way they felt they could defend themselves was to run into the middle of the field and collide with each other.

It’s completely pointless for players to charge the mound when everyone knows nothing is going to happen besides some pushing and shoving. After it’s all said and done, what does either player prove? One player proves that he can control where his pitch goes and the other player proves he doesn’t like being hit. So by charging the mound what have you accomplished? It’s not a big secret that players don’t like to be hit, so is this your way of saying you really didn’t like it this time?

Nothing good comes from baseball brawls; they are usually pointless, nothing gets solved and the best thing that can happen is that no one gets hurt. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, the worst case scenario came to fruition, a player was injured.

Zack Greinke’s injury is just another example of how useless brawls are in baseball.

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