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Chicago Cubs’ Darwin Barney Deserves Gold Glove Award

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David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Friday was a happy and celebratory day at Wrigley Field. That might sound a little odd considering how poorly the Chicago Cubs have played lately, but Friday was all about Cubs’ second baseman Darwin Barney.

Barney earned the 2012 Gold Glove Award for his outstanding performance at second base last season, tying a major league record of 141 consecutive games at second without committing an error.

While many believe Barney was the rightful winner of the award, some think otherwise. And when I say “some,” I mean Cincinnati Red’s second baseman Brandon Phillips.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Phillips was surprised he didn’t win the Gold Glove and even announced that he thought he had been “punk’d” when he learned that Barney was the winner. Although Phillips has won three Gold Gloves in the past, he blamed his loss on the managers and coaches who voted for not liking his “flashy style.”

“Do I think that’s one of the main reasons I didn’t win the Gold Glove?” Phillips asked about his outgoing attitude. “Yeah, I can say that.”

That may be true, but Phillips chose to ignore Barney’s accomplishments: his record errorless streak, his range and better fielding percentage, just to name a few. Barney was still humble about receiving his award, saying he would gladly trade it in for an opportunity for the Cubs to go to the playoffs. “It is what it is,” Barney modestly told the Sun-Times.

That is why Darwin Barney is deserving of the 2012 Gold Glove. It’s not a popularity contest, but simply a matter of who is the better player. Barney did more than his fair share last year on the infield and should feel a tremendous amount of pride that he has brought to his team, as well as the city of Chicago.

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