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What in the World is Wrong with the Chicago White Sox?

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox have a record of four wins and seven losses. That is good enough land them in the American League Central basement with the Minnesota Twins. There isn’t necessarily anything greatly wrong with being a few games out this early in the season. After all some guys are just starting to get going as the weather warms up and then we’ll really know how good they are. That could be true but one thing is still puzzling about this White Sox team.

They should be better than this. Chris Sale had a terrible outing against the Cleveland Indians but you know he usually gives you a quality start. Jake Peavey usually brings warm fuzzy feelings as well. These guys have Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko and a gaggle of talented hitters that have nearly all proven how well they can hit homeruns. Add that to some okay and some outstanding pitching and the White Sox should be a lot better.

As a matter of fact I would venture far enough to say they are a lot better than this. The problem is that while they are trying to figure out what the problem is with them, the Kansas City Royals and Detroit Tigers are putting things together and really getting ready to roll. By the time the Sox figure things out it could be May and they might be behind by more games than they want to be.

I don’t think I’m ready to say that Robin Ventura is the reason but he certainly is part of it. When a team this talented is simply not putting things together, the manager’s job is to get things put together fast. Surely Ventura is doing this. For White Sox fans sake, I just hope they figure out what their issues are quick enough to jump onto the battle for the AL Central.

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