Washington Nationals Have Work to do After Atlanta Braves Sweep

By David Miller
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Going into the season the talk around the Washington Nationals made it sound like they were already waiting on the field of the opening game of the World Series. They seemed to have a swagger about them that said they were the top dog and someone had to come prove them wrong. Well, the Atlanta Braves have sufficiently let the Nationals know that they are not currently the best team in their own division, much less the majors.

Now that all of the entitlement is over with and done, the Nats need to get down to business and improve as a baseball team. They aren’t perfect because they have Stephen Strasburg or Gio Gonzalez. Actually both were beaten this weekend, Gonzalez quite badly. I am not slamming on the Nationals, just the idea that they were already the best heading into the year. They were not. The pitching staff has holes and the offense isn’t that impressive unless a few of them are hot at one time. They have work to do but they will be better for this sweep, I feel sure.

Davey Johnson might well convince these guys that it is possible they could miss the playoffs altogether. The New York Mets are playing quite well after all and there is no guarantee that the Nats will be able to take either team at their current pace. Simple things need to be improved upon. Defense was an issue during the Braves series. The opening game of the series at least was easier for the Braves to tie because of an errant throw.

That cannot happen against any opponent, much less a hot one on a winning streak. If the Nationals win something this year, and there is no guarantee they will, it will be because they learned from their shortcomings and realized they were not the best team in baseball from the opening bell. They have work to do. If they get that work done, they most certainly can be the best team in baseball by the last game of the season.

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