Houston Astros Should Keep Paul Clemens

By Lee White
Paul Clemens Houston Astros
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

When it is time for Travis Blackley and Josh Fields to come off of the disabled list, the Houston Astros are going to have a decision to make. Dallas Keuchel and Paul Clemens were called up as a result of these two injuries, and two people will have to be sent down when they’re reinstated. The problem is, Clemens has earned his role on this team, if you ask me that is. The Astros’ bullpen is terrible, everyone knows that, so why not have the best possible relief pitchers in the bullpen? After what Clemens did last night, he has earned his role if you ask me. Xavier Cedeno, however, has not.

Cedeno has not ever been a prospect, and from what he has shown, he probably won’t ever be much of Major Leaguer. That’s harsh, I know. He is really a left handed specialist, but he is nothing special. He comes into the game, and promptly gives the game away. Whether the game is close or not, one thing is certain: Cedeno will give up at least one run.

When Clemens was called up, I was hoping Cedeno was being sent down. That wasn’t the case. Fields was being placed on the DL and Clemens was taking his spot in the bullpen. If the Astros can find a way to keep Clemens, they will be better off in the bullpen. He provides the Astros with a much better arm in the pen. He was a starter at Triple A Oklahoma City, but so far in the majors, he has shown closer stuff. Clemens will go out and battle. Last night, Clemens dislocated his pinky finger on a ball he had no reason to try and grab, had his pinky popped back into place, and proceeded to get the next out. Just like that, he earned his place in the hearts of many Astros fans.

After Eric Bedard couldn’t get out of the first inning last night, Clemens came in and cleaned up his mess. He pitched five innings and allowed only one hit. He struck out two and he walked two, but he was awesome on the mound. Though the Astros were down five runs for most of the time he was in the game, he battled and gave the Astros many chances to make that a ballgame. However, when he was pulled in place of Cedeno, it became a blowout. The Astros went on to lose that game 11-2.

When the Astros have to make a decision on Clemens, I seriously hope they keep him. He could become a really good late inning relief pitcher for this young team.

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