Chicago Cubs: How Long Should Fans Stay Patient With Theo Epstein?

By Shawn Muller

If Genghis Khan was the Babe Ruth of world domination and Al Capone the Michael Jordan of bootlegging, would that make the Chicago Cubs the George Custer of professional baseball?

While I watched the Cubs (4-9) lose yet again last night by the score of 4-2 to the Texas Rangers, I couldn’t help myself but to think of the movie Major League.  

In the beginning of the movie, when the roster is handed out to the Cleveland Indians front office, an executive says, “I’ve never heard of half these guys, and the ones I do know are way past their primes”, to which fellow executive Charlie Donovan replies, “Most of these guys never had a prime.”

That rag-tag group of Indians went on to play in the World Series in the film, but I continuously find myself feeling like that confused executive in the board room.

Looking at the Cubs lineup that took the field against the Rangers at the Friendly Confines, the only names an average baseball fan could recognize would probably be Alfonso Soriano and Starlin Castro. Sure, Anthony Rizzo has star potential, but other than those three players, Chicago shares an eerie resemblance to to the Opening Day roster of the fictional Cleveland Indians lead by manager Lou Brown.

Welington CastilloAlberto GonzalezDave Sappelt?

Not exactly the lineup Cubs fans had been hoping for.

This begs the question of how long, exactly, should Chicago fans remain patient with Theo Epstein?

We all saw what he could do when he built two World Series champions as the GM of the (formerly) futile Boston Red Sox, but taming the Cubs is a whole other kind of beast. Epstein has begged for patience since he arrived in the Windy City just over a year ago, but how much more patience should Cub fans be expected to display?

Isn’t waiting 104 years patient enough?

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