MLB Rumors: Are the Rays Looking to Trade David Price to the Chicago Cubs?

By gilgerard
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays are in a predicament they always seem to be in. Trading a star for young prospects because they can’t afford to pay the star. It must blow being in such a small market, but the Rays are better than any team in baseball in terms of getting value for these guys. With that being said, David Price is as good as gone and there’s no way the Rays can pay him what he’d get in the open market. So, it now comes down to: who are the Rays targeting around the minor leagues in a trade?

A team that supposedly catches the Rays eye is the Chicago Cubs. Apparently, there’s mutual interest there although sources say the teams have NOT yet engaged in serious discussions for the cy young winner.

Why the Chicago Cubs? Well, they have some of the best talent in baseball when it comes to the minor leagues, and certainly would make a good trade partner because of their need for an ace. Who would they want? Well, let’s start with super prospect Javier Baez. This kid is going to be REAL good and he showed it in spring training. He’s a shortstop/third basemen with the offensive capabilities compared to guys like Alex Rodriguez way back in the day. He’s got a little too much movement in his swing, but he’s a worker and he’s going to get better. I would imagine the Rays value him more between him and Albert Almora, but both players are outstanding headlining pieces.

Another guy the Rays will target is Dan Vogelbach. Vogelbach is a DH with a national league team. This kid has Prince Fielder like comparisons due to his big (yet crazy strong) body, and can hit a baseball into orbit.

With those two guys leading a deal, the Rays have to listen. Once the meat of the deal is done, the rest will fall into play pretty easily.

There are several other teams that could make sense, but a package of Baez/Vogelbach plus others could be VERY difficult to top.

We’ll see what happens over the next several months, but I would NOT be surprised to see David Price in a Chicago Cubs uniform.

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