The Chicago Cubs Want Mark Appel In the 2013 MLB Draft

By gilgerard
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are picking second this year in the 2013 MLB Draft in June and all signs point to the Cubs eyeing RHP Mark Appel out of Stanford. Appel has had an outstanding campaign in college this year and has started to show that he’s top of the rotation worthy. With the Houston Astros not close to competing, I don’t think they’re going to go with Appel at the top and select one of the several outstanding high school hitters first. That leaves Appel to the Cubs.

The Cubs desperately need quality pitching in their organization and after taking hitters the last few drafts in the first round, it makes sense the Cubs don’t pass on Appel.

Last year, Appel was supposedly going to be the first overall pick but the Houston Astros passed due to their fears they couldn’t sign him. Then multiple other teams (including the Cubs) passed due to the same fear. The Pittsburgh Pirates eventually took him and then didn’t sign him which forced Appel back to Stanford and into the 2013 draft.

I for one was angry when the Cubs passed on Appel last year, and I believe the baseball gods are starting to line Appel to the north side of Chicago.

If everything works out the way the Cubs want, Mark Appel could be the best pitching prospect since Mark Prior. If Appel continues to improve, he could headline the Cubs rotation for a long time, and I’ll tell you what- I’m very excited about that possibility.

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