Charlie Manuel: Philadelphia Phillies' Manager on the Hot Seat

By Charlie Lichty
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Charlie Manuel doesn’t sit very often in the dugout during games. Instead, the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies tends to hang over the padded railings. These days it could be just as likely that he’s avoiding the proverbial hot seat.

It’s quickly becoming apparent that platitudes about early season losses are beginning to sound like lame excuses.

After the recently completed series with the Cincinnati Reds, the Phillies may be shoving their manager out the door. That’s the strange and sad thing about managing any professional sport.

The manager doesn’t play the game, yet he’s usually the first to go when losses mount. Manuel is the same manager today as he was when the Phillies won their second World Series championship.

In fact, he may be a better manager because of that experience. In the scheme of things, however, his salary is easier to swallow, should he be released, than that of a Ryan Howard or Jimmy Rollins.

When a team is winning, the manager gets too much credit, and when they lose consistently, he goes from being a genius to a dunce. Funny how that can happen in the span of one or two seasons.

The Phillies are ready to take on the St. Louis Cardinals at Citizen’s Bank Park. The next time these two teams play each other will be the week after the All Star break in July.

If the Phillies can’t play better baseball in the next month or so, the Cardinals will likely greet a new Phillies skipper by mid-summer. Oh, and that person already takes the field every time the Phils play a game.

He’s third base coach, Ryne Sandburg. Don’t be fooled; Manuel is on a very short leash. When you have the next manager already chosen, it’s much easier to release the current one.

Still, it will be sad to see Manuel go if it comes to that.


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