Philadelphia Phillies Searching for Offense

By Victor Filoromo
Charlie Manuel Philadelphia Phillies
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Score ten runs in a six-game road trip and you can expect to come home with a worse record than when you left home. Almost miraculously, the Philadelphia Phillies managed to win two games, and they return home 6-9 with many questions about their offense.

It’s easy to ask a lot of questions when your offensive acuity is lacking so severely. So, to the top question on people’s minds (“When the heck is this lineup going to have a different look?”) will be answered tonight as the Phillies begin a new series at home.

Ben Revere, who has batted leadoff in each of the team’s first 15 games, will be sent down to the seventh spot in the lineup in order to restore Jimmy Rollins atop the order. Revere is hitting just .194 with a .242 on-base percentage.

There’s not even a need to give Revere’s slugging percentage, because all of his hits are singles. That’s how rough of a start it’s been for Revere.

Rollins heads back to the top of the lineup, but does it really matter? Rollins is hitting just .232 with a .283 on-base percentage and .375 slugging percentage. At this point, the Phillies are taking the lesser of the two struggling evils by placing Rollins back at the first spot.

The bottom line is that the entire Phillies lineup isn’t hitting right now. Over the course of the series against the Cincinnati Reds, you couldn’t name one guy who you’d want at the plate.

You’d think the Phillies would eventually consider averaging more than about two runs a game. The team’s .287 on-base percentage is fifth-worst in baseball, and if you don’t have men on base, there’s very little chance you’re going to see any production.

The Phillies have a chance to turn things around beginning tonight, but until we see otherwise, it’s hard to think they will.

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