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Texas Rangers: Julio Borbon Getting Closer To Finding Out His Future

Julio Borbon

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers designated Julio Borbon for assignment last week and they are almost out of time to make a decision for him. They have until Friday to decide between a trade, putting him on waivers or dropping him straight up.

I think the best option for the Rangers would be to trade him. There are a few teams that should logically be interested such as the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners are in need of a stereotypical leadoff hitter and might be willing to pay a good price for Borbon.

Another team that should be interested is the New York Mets. The Mets outfield is just terrible and in need of some help. Borbon would get a legitimate chance to start in New York.

If the Rangers were to let Borbon get to waivers then there would be a much smaller chance of getting anything in return. Let alone anyone of value. And straight dropping him guarantees no return.

The Rangers have a real chance to get something in return for Borbon because every team can use some extra speed.

Borbon showed that he deserves a chance on a major league roster during spring training. And he definitely has the ability to change a team if he can play like he did in spring training.

Whether Borbon ends up on another team, in the minors or as a free agent, he has a bright future in the major leagues whether it be as a key center fielder for someone or just a pinch runner. Borbon will get his chance.