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Texas Rangers: Lance Berkman’s Hitting Will Help Adrian Beltre Get Back On Track

Adrian Beltre

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Beltre has not been hitting well in the first couple weeks of the 2013 season. The Texas Rangers are going to struggle this season if Beltre doesn’t get back on the pace he was at last season when he got a good amount of MVP votes considering who he was up against.

Beltre is hitting down around .245 so far and his on base percentage is only .298. It must be pretty embarrassing to have an on base percentage under .300. Beltre has only two home runs on the season. Granted he has only 53 at bats so far.

With a total of only five extra base hits on the season Beltre has not been doing what the Rangers were expecting. After losing Josh Hamilton to free agency the Rangers realized that Beltre was going to need to carry this team both offensively and defensively.

Now a different player on the Rangers has been hitting very well so far. That man is Lance Berkman. It’s odd for me to say, but I disagree with the stats that say there is no such thing as protecting a hitter.

Many stats have showed that it doesn’t matter who hits behind you, but I just can’t go with it. Having a guy behind you who is hitting as well as Berkman thus far is going to really help Beltre.

Maybe the change wont be in the next few games, but if Berkman can keep hitting the way he has this far into the season for a month or two, then Beltre is going to get pitches to hit and he will get on pace for where he should be statistically.