Predicting the New York Yankees 2014 Roster

By Chris Ronca
Yankees Opening Day
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As soon as the New York Yankees announced their intentions to get their payroll below $189.9 million by the beginning of the 2014 season, people began imagining what the team would look like. The Yankees have always been the big spenders in MLB, evidenced by the fact they have spent well over $1 billion since the turn of the century. However, next year they’ll have to lower their payroll a great deal from their record setting level this year ($228.8 million) so they can comply with their self-imposed payroll restrictions. In this article we’ll take a look at what moves the Yankees could potentially make to address the payroll situation while still staying competitive.

First we must mention all of the players currently signed through 2014, their 2014 price tags are listed along with them, these players are:

3B Alex Rodriguez – $28,000,000

1B Mark Teixeira – $23,125,000

SP CC Sabathia – $23,000,000

OF Ichiro Suzuki – $6,500,000

OF Vernon Wells – $2,400,000

Francisco Cervelli – $600,000*

OF Brett Gardner – $3,500,000*

SS Derek Jeter – $9,500,000**

SP Ivan Nova – $1,500,000*

INF Eduardo Nunez – $650,000

SP David Phelps – $600,000

SP/RP Michael Pineda – $600,000

RP David Robertson – $4,000,000*

RP/SP Adam Warren – $550,000

OF Brennan Boesch – $1,750,000*

RP Shawn Kelley – $975,000*

Total payroll so far: $107.250 million

* These numbers are predictions I have made of the salaries of the players who are arbitration eligible.

**Assuming he picks up his 2014 player option

So now that 16 roster spots have been filled, we will decide the fates of all of the Yankee free agents this off-season. These are the current Yankees who are unsigned after 2013 with my projection for their effect on the Yankee payroll in 2014:

1B/3B Kevin Youkilis – $10,000,000 (one year deal)

DH Travis Hafner – Not resigned

OF Curtis Granderson – Offered first round tender; not resigned

RP Joba Chamberlain – Not resigned

OF Ben Francisco – Not resigned

1B Lyle Overbay – Not resigned

SP Phil Hughes – Offered first round tender, not resigned

RP Boone Logan – Not resigned

SP Hiroki Kuroda – Not resigned

SP Andy Pettitte – Not resigned

2B Robinson Cano – $25,000,000 (six year deal with vesting option)

RP Mariano Rivera – Not resigned

INF Jayson Nix – Not resigned

Total payroll so far: $142.25 million

So that gives us 18 players towards the 25-man roster and $47.65 million left remaining for the 7 other roster spots. So that brings us to free agency additions:

John Buck – $3 million/one year

OF Carlos Beltran – $10 million/one year

SP Matt Garza – $15 million/five years ($75 million total)

RP Eric O’Flaherty – $5 million/two years ($10 million total)

RP Rafael Betancourt – $4.75 million/one year

Total payroll so far: $180 million

Now the final 2 spots can come from the minors:

RP Mark Montgomery – $500,000

RP Cesar Cabral – $600,000

Total payroll: $181.1 million

That would produce a final roster that would look like this:


1. CF – Brett Gardner

2. SS – Derek Jeter

3. 2B – Robinson Cano

4. 1B – Mark Teixeira

5. RF – Carlos Beltran

6. 3B – Alex Rodriguez/Kevin Youkilis

7. DH – Alex Rodriguez/Kevin Youkilis

8. C – John Buck

9. LF – Ichiro Suzuki


OF – Brennan Boesch

OF – Vernon Wells

INF – Eduardo Nunez

C – Francisco Crevelli


1. CC Sabathia

2. Matt Garza

3. Michael Pineda

4. Ivan Nova

5. David Phelps


CL – David Robertson

SU – Rafael Betancourt

SU – Eric O’Flaherty

MR – Mark Montgomery

MR – Cesar Cabral

MR – Shawn Kelley

LR – Adam Warren

So there you have it, the 2014 New York Yankees; assembled in a way that not only keeps them competitive in 2014 but gives them the ability to promote some young guys to the big leagues in 2015 without there being a long-term contract in their way. Hopefully Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman thinks along these lines as well, or else it will be a rough transition year in 2014.


Chris Ronca is a New York Yankees writer for Follow him on Twitter; @ChrisRonca.

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