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Big Papi Delivers Awesome F Bomb During Speech Before Red Sox Game

Mark L. Baer-USA Today Sports

The past week, everyone’s been a Boston fan. Sometimes sports serves as a great distraction to terrible times, even if only for a few moments, and sometimes it can bring people together and unite a city, or even a nation, during those times.

After the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing was apprehended Friday night and sports in Boston were given their green light, everyone knew that Saturday’s Boston Red Sox vs. Kansas City Royals matchup would be an emotional one. The city was safe again for the time being, fan-favorite David Ortiz was returning to the team, and spring baseball marked the beginning of the city’s recovery. I’d have loved to be at the game, it’d have been great (even for a New Yorker) but fortunately we have YouTube to broadcast awesome things happen at emotional times.

In his opening speech before the game, Big Papi thanked the valiant Boston Police Department and the Massachusetts government, and thoughts went out to the Boston residents who stuck together during a time when it’d have been really easy to fall apart. In perhaps the best rally call for any city in the history of the U.S. or the entire world, ever, in all of time, Papi announces a phrase that will be on Bostonian t-shirts probably until the end of time.

NSFW: Language.

That, matched with this (perhaps the best YouTube video ever), is why sports are so damn awesome. F’in Boston, hell yeah.

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