Chris Johnson’s Play for Atlanta Braves Warrants Continued Play

By David Miller
chris johnson braves
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

All good things must come to an end and the period of time where the Atlanta Braves appeared invincible has ended. Now they have lost two out of their last three games and the offense looks to be mortal for the first time all season. It is in times like that however that some players step up and prove themselves worthy of more playing time and more trust from their manager. Chris Johnson has taken this time period to show what he can do.

Johnson’s .412 batting average leads the National League. Whoever you would have guessed led the NL in batting average, you’d have been wrong because it is Johnson. Sure he has a few less at-bats than the guys that have played every day but with the injury to first baseman Freddie Freeman, he has played first or third every time out for over a week.

Over that span of games it has become clear that Johnson is the type of player that needs to get as much playing time as possible. He has good at-bats even when he doesn’t get a hit. More times than not, he will put good wood on a ball that finds a hole. He also has shown more of a power stroke than I thought he had.

Juan Francisco has played well at third during the same time frame but when Freddie Freeman returns to man first, Johnson might well find himself getting a little more than half of the playing time at third. Of course he can also give Freeman a break when need be, which will help get some ab’s as well. This guy might not be Chipper Jones made over but I can see clearer everyday why Jones said Johnson would be tough to keep out of the line-up.

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