Colorado Rockies' Troy Tulowitzki looking like a MVP again

By Chris Schmaedeke
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki is considered one of the top players at his position and even in all of baseball.

When he is healthy.

Tulowitzki played in only 47 games last season and the Rockies struggled their way to their worst record in franchise history. The star shortstop had surgery on his left groin and was never able to get on the field. Tulowitzki is a fierce competitor and it drove him nuts sitting on the bench while his team played poorly.

Through the first 16 games of the season, Tulowitzki looks healthy and back to his All-Star ways.

The former Long Beach State standout has hit five home runs, including one in the win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday, April 19, and has driven in 15 runs. He also drew eight walks, as pitchers are not willing to give in to him.

As Tulowitzki goes so do the Rockies. In his rookie year of 2007, the Rockies went on their amazing September in which Tulowitzki drove in 25 runs in the month. He did struggle in the playoffs with a .195 batting average. When the Rockies made the playoffs in 2009, the shortstop hit 32 home runs and hit .297.

He also tried to will the Rockies to the division title in 2010 with his amazing offensive explosion in September. The Rockies fell short but he hit 15 home runs and drove in 40 in the month of September alone.

And Tulowitzki’s defense is always great as he has not committed an error this season.

The Rockies’ lineup needs Tulowitzki more than any other hitter. He is their cleanup hitter and also provides valuable protection for Carlos Gonzalez. After Tulowitzki went down last season, Gonzalez was never the same as he becomes the focal point of the lineup.

There is always talk about Tulowitzki moving to third base because playing shortstop is hard on his body. Tulowitzki is a shortstop and he has no desire to make that move.

With the Tulowtizki’s long contract he wants to be in the purple pinstripes for his whole career. He is the cornerstone of the organization and has taken over for Todd Helton as the leader in the clubhouse. Tulowitzki expects the best from everyone because he gives it his all whenever he is on the field.

As he piles up big numbers and if the Rockies keep winning, the star shortstop may be in the MVP talk by the end of the year again.

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