Everything is Going Wrong for the Seattle Mariners Right Now

By David Miller
seattle mariners
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Someone once said, “Mamma said there would be days like these.” That must be what the Seattle Mariners are saying to themselves about the past few games. The Mariners have played well enough this season for everyone to know they have more going for them than one great pitcher in Felix Hernandez. For starters, they can hit a ton when things are going well. Right now nothing is going well. It must get to a point to where a team either has to self-destruct or come together and find a way to win during the struggling times.

The Mariners are up in the air. They haven’t been fortunate enough to have a really long good stretch where they have games to play with and grow with. Instead they are already kind of behind the 8-ball so to speak, looking up at a few teams in the division. The best news of course is that they have plenty of time to get things together.

Offensively they are a proven bunch that can score on anyone. Defensively they have been okay as well and they have a ton of pitching potential. It is only a matter of time before the Mariners are the team that has a six or more game winning streak. It might be their only one of the season and it might not be enough to make the playoffs, but they certain have what it takes to win.

Finding the magic winning formula that combines the best of all of their abilities is a tough task for the manager and coaching staff. Keep their heads on straight and not getting into bad habits because things are not going well is a tough job for the players. If all can keep things together for a while longer, they could be climbing the division in no time. If they cannot get their act together, it might be too late when they finally do.

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