Albert Pujols Going to DH is Easily the Right Decision

By David Miller
albert pujols angels
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

For the past several games Albert Pujols has been away from his normal post at first base for the Los Angeles Angels. He hasn’t missed a game but his plantar fasciitis is hurting him enough to allow him to agree to take the designated hitter role for a while. Mark Trumbo has been manning first base while Pujols rests his foot between at-bats. Though Pujols might not like the DH very much, it will easily extend his career.

I don’t mean to suggest that he should slot himself there every single game for the rest of his career. He could and there certainly would be nothing wrong with it except for the minor fact that he doesn’t care for the DH that much. From time to time he is going to want more time at first base and he should get it. I do believe that the Angels should encourage Pujols to take the DH spot more often.

Really it is a no-brainer. His foot hurts severely from time to time but he calls it manageable. Just because you can play with pain doesn’t mean it is a good idea to. Pujols should enjoy the success the team had recently. Also he should plan notice that Trumbo seemed to step up a bit once he got some time at first.

The moral of the story is that the Angels do not need to have Pujols in the field of play. They need him healthy and hitting. That combination will ensure he has a great full season instead of a great few months. The Angels will be very thankful to have a well rested Pujols and he will be glad to be healthy when September rolls around. Everyone wins; except the Angels opponents.

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