Colorado Rockies Face Big Test Versus Atlanta Braves

By Joe Morrone
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Assuming it stops snowing in Colorado long enough for the Colorado Rockies to play a baseball game in the next three days, we are going to get a hint of how good this team really is. The Atlanta Braves are in town for a three-game series that is supposed to begin on Monday night. The Rockies and Braves are currently tied with the best record in baseball at 13-5.

Despite the strong start of the Rockies, most people believe that it is nothing more than a mirage and a ten-game losing streak can’t be far away. Even the people who are starting to believe that the Rockies might be better than expected have one eye on the team, and one eye on the bottom that they are waiting to drop out.

It’s impossible to call a series in the middle of April a big one because there are 141 games left after the Braves leave town, and it is possible that the Rockies could get swept and still be in first place on Thursday morning. However, the series with the Braves is a big one because it’ll answer one question: can they play with the big boys?

The Rockies have won 13 out of 18 games, but six of them were versus the San Diego Padres, and they haven’t played a great schedule yet. I would argue that the New York Mets and Arizona Diamondbacks are decent ball clubs, and the Rockies took five out of six from those two teams.

The elephant in the room is the series versus the San Francisco Giants by the bay when the Rockies got swept, including a 10-0 pasting in the last game of the set. Critics point to that and say that’s the real Rockies — they can’t compete with good teams and they can’t win on the road. It should be noted that the Rockies are 5-4 on the road despite being swept by the Giants.

The pending series with the Braves, therefore, is another measuring stick. Another test for Walt Weiss and his young team. If they take two out of three or sweep the Braves, then people are really going to start paying attention. If the Rockies win only one of the games or get swept, then more people are going to be looking at that trap door.

Regardless of what happens over the next three days, the Rockies will head to Arizona to play the Diamondbacks knowing they are still in contention. The question is will they go into that series with more answers or more questions?

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