Despite Bad Start, Mike Redmond is Right Man for Miami Marlins

By David Miller
mike redmond marlins
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Managing a Major League Baseball team is probably kind of like driving a car. It is easy to drive the perfect car down a smooth road on fresh tires and a full tank of gas and look like a great driver. That isn’t to say the person driving isn’t great, they may very well be. How much more of a great driver does it take however to drive a clunker with bald tires down a windy and messed up road? Sure the guy in the second car might look like a bad driver but he isn’t necessarily. Such is the case of Miami Marlins manager Mike Redmond.

Redmond wasn’t handed the New York Yankees to manage this season. The team he has is not the best team in the league. They aren’t a very good team at all to begin with this year and for all purposes, could very well end up being the worst team record wise, in the game. So, someone needs to fire Redmond right? Of course not. This guy is doing a good job with the team he has. It isn’t easy to get wins out of a team that doesn’t have the experience God gave a little leaguer.

Still Redmond gets some wins from this bunch. His bullpen is looking pretty good from time to time and he has a stud of a new pitcher that is a spark for the entire franchise to let them know they are going the right direction. Better times are ahead for the Marlins franchise and you can bet that the right man to lead them then is the right man now, Mike Redmond. Anyone else brought in would probably do about the same. Would they care as much though? I very seriously doubt it. Redmond is the man for the Marlins, period.

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