Toronto Blue Jays Fans Show No Love For New York Yankees’ Vernon Wells

By Clayton Richer
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees were in Toronto this past weekend for their first series since acquiring former Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells. The three game series saw more than 130,000 fans through the gates to welcome back the man known as “V-Dub” in pinstripes.

Wells would go on to receive a loud chorus of boos each and every time he strolled to home plate. The Jays faithful showed no love for the former Blue Jays first-round draft pick, who spent 12 seasons north of the border.

Wells enjoyed success as a member of the Blue Jays, hitting 223 home runs and was awarded an enormous $126 million contract, which was eventually dealt to the Los Angeles Angels. Wells always takes flack for the contract, but how could he be faulted for taking the money when offered?

The jeers and booing were a little disturbing seeing as Wells did a great deal raising and donating money for various causes while in Toronto. In 2010, Wells was awarded the Branch Rickey award for his exceptional community service work. I am well aware that the Yankees are the hated beasts from the east, but Wells deserved a better fate.

Regardless, Wells had the last laugh as the jeers seemed to inspire him to seven hits with two home runs in the three-game series. Wells also made a web gem in left field during the third game, followed by a tip of the hat to the heckling left field fans.

Pinstripes or not, Vernon Wells deserved a better welcome from the Canadian contingent.

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