Mike Moustaskas: A Perfect Example of Why Chicago Cubs' Plan Should Not Be Trusted

By gilgerard
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs are rebuilding. I’m sure as a baseball fan, you’ve heard this before from not just the Cubs, but the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Royals. Well, the Royals are a perfect example of why the Cubs faithful should be weary when it comes down to it. Just a few years ago, the Royals had the “best” farm system in recent memory. I recall Keith Law “loving” them all over twitter saying “they have the best farm system in recent memory and I remember tweeting at him letting him know most prospects fail. No response. Remember when Mike Moustaskas and Eric Hosmer were going to be the saviors of the franchise? Remember when Mike Montgomery was going to win 20 games and carry the Royals staff to playoff appearance after playoff experience? Yeah, all history now as Montgomery is with the Tampa Bay Rays and Moustaskas and Hosmer are well…not hitting.

Let’s talk more about Moustaskas shall we? He was supposed to be the second coming of Babe Ruth. Okay, I realize I’m pushing it here, but no- Moustaskas was supposed to be an all star right now showcasing that 40 home run a season power and hitting .300. Well, Moustaskas is hitting around a buck 60, and has 25 career homers after a few years. The Royals are kind of stuck in what they’re going to do. They can’t trade their former stud prospect for nothing. Sending him to the minors, eh, that will hurt his confidence. Letting him play (poorly) I guess is the best of all bad options.

As a Cubs fan, all we’re hearing about is their farm system this and their young talent coming that. Is it possible the Cubs farm system can be the Royals? Awesome in the minors, not so much in the majors? Heck yeah it’s possible. It’s arguably more than likely. Expecting ALL of the Cubs young talent to come up and dominate is crazy, and the Cubs brass has most fans believing.

Well, I’m not one of those believers. Not completely. I’m hesitant with a little bit of hope a couple of this guys turn out to be good major leaguers. Theo Epstein has thrown his  hat in the prospect ring, and it’s likely he’ll end up burned. Just like the Royals.

We’ll see what happens, but as a Cubs fan? I’m not as big a believer as everyone else.

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