Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Trying To Become Jerry Jones

By Ryan Gaydos
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s face it. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has way too much power in the organization. The general manager is supposed to dictate personnel on the playing field and trust the manager of the ball club to make the best out of his team, establish a good lineup and work with his pitchers to win ball games. The owner hires this general manager and other front office people to work with to try and get guys via the draft or free agency to make the team better. So, why is it that Loria is making on field decisions in place of manager Mike Redmond? Why is Loria the three-headed monster involved in all aspects of the team on the field and off?

Loria is not happy again and now he is messing with Redmond and the lineups that the manages makes. That puts Redmond in a weird spot when he has to break the news to his players, most of whom are unhappy as it is. It happened in the past series against the Minnesota Twins when Loria wanted Ricky Nolasco and Jose Fernandez to switch games in a double header Tuesday. Redmond had to break the news to Nolasco, who already requested a trade previously in the offseason. This is widening the rift between Nolasco and Loria. Nolasco cannot wait to break the shackles that were given to him by Loria.

Having a 5-17 team as a rookie manager is not easy, especially with an owner like Loria breathing down your neck in the first month of the season. If Loria is unhappy with the way Redmond is doing things or with the way the team is playing, he should not have traded away his best talent in the offseason. Loria is becoming the Jerry Jones of Major League Baseball except that he is not winning a ton of games let alone championships. Tinkering with Redmond’s philosophy as an upstart manager is only going to hinder the elongated process of this season even more.

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