Ump Show In St. Louis As Cardinals Beat Pittsburgh Pirates

By Zach Morrison
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Is this what you wanted, Tim Timmons? Did you want me to write about you? I hope you did, because that’s what I’m about to do. You know why? Because you are a joke.

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Jonathan Sanchez got off to a rough start in the Pirates’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night. Sanchez gave up a leadoff home run to Matt Carpenter, followed by a home run to Carlos Beltran, then a single to Matt Holliday. After that, Allen Craig took a fastball to the ear. Without any warnings issued, Timmons tosses Sanchez out of the game after hitting Craig. Pirates manager Clint Hurdle then got thrown out for arguing with Timmons for tossing Sanchez. It was a mess.

It didn’t end there. So far, the Pirates have hit one batter. Sanchez and Hurdle are done. In his second at-bat, Starling Marte was hit by a Lance Lynn fastball in the wrist after warnings had been issued to both dugouts. Did Timmons toss Lynn? Of course not. Marte would have to take a few minutes to make sure his wrist was okay, and it appeared to be fine after the Pirates’ medical staff checked it out.

The ump show still wasn’t over. When Marte came to the plate next time, he was hit by another pitch by Lynn. Again, was Lynn ejected? NO. Pirates hitting coach Jay Bell, was then thrown out by Timmons for complaining that the umpire didn’t throw Lynn out for the multiple batters he had hit by pitches. It was getting silly at this point. So now, the score is: Cardinals’ batters hit by pitches, one, Pirates ejected, three; Pirates’ batters hit by pitches, two, Cardinals ejected, zero.

That STILL wasn’t the end of it. Gaby Sanchez was hit later in the game by Mitchell Boggs and still no Cardinals have been ejected.

The final tally for Tim Timmons:

Cardinals ejected: zero
Pirates ejected: three

Cardinals’ batters hit by pitch: one
Pirates’ batters hit by pitch: three

WHAT A JOKE. Tim Timmons, you should be ashamed. It was clear to me, and a lot of other folks, that Timmons appeared to have an agenda tonight. He clearly had a beef with the Pirates.

It is my understanding that after warnings are issued, pitchers should be tossed after they hit a batter usually. However, three Pirates’ were hit after the warnings, and no Cardinals’ were thrown out. I really hope MLB takes a look at this, because Timmons is a clown.

I wrap this up with a request for MLB commissioner, Bud Selig:

Mr. Selig, please, please review this game and punish Tim Timmons for this shameful umpiring performance. Tonight was clearly an ump show, and Timmons was the main character. There is no place for this in Major League Baseball.

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