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Did Everth Cabrera’s Bat Knock Something Loose in San Diego Padres?

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Early on in Friday night’s game between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants, the Padres were down 1 – 0 to Tim Lincecum who looked sharp once again. In his at-bat Everth Cabrera had a situation where he let the bat slip out of his hands. The bat sailed into the Padres dugout and grazed a ducking Chris Denorfia. Rather than just giggle a little bit and toss Cabrera his bat, Denorfia surprised many by standing up and screaming at Cabrera, “That’s twice!”

Although I don’t remember it, probably because no one yelled from the dugout, Cabrera has apparently aimed for Denorfia before. Denorfia could be seen pacing the dugout and throwing cups down for a moment. The guys behind him were already laughing about the outburst but it seemed to take Denorfia a few minutes to see the humor in getting hit twice with the same guy’s bat. Then a funny thing happened.

The Padres stuck close, battled back and won the game. Hmm, interesting isn’t it? Oh well, things happen right? Well Saturday night they battled back to tie the game in the fourth, then again they battled to tie it at 7 before they won in walk-off fashion in twelve innings. Who was it that tied the game in the fourth for the Padres? Right, it was Denorfia and he was slapping his hands and getting pumped at second base.

After the strange, error assisted walk-off hit; the Padres doused their walk-off man with a bucket of water as if he was a coach that just won the Super Bowl. I’m not sure and it sure sounds strange; but it sure seems like that bat flying into the dugout and Denorfia’s hilarious genuine reaction, busted something loose in the Padres. That doesn’t mean they will win for the sweep on Sunday but at least they won the series against the tough Giants. We’ll have to see how far this bat situation takes them.

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