Jose Altuve Is Houston Astros' Saving Grace

By Bryan Lutz
Jose Altuve Houston Astros
Brett Davis – USA TODAY Sports

Every baseball fan knew that the 2013 Houston Astros were going to have a rough season. In fact, many thought that Houston might actually break the 1962 New York Mets’ record for losses in a season. Even though I didn’t think the Astros would be that bad, I knew it was possible that they would be mathematically eliminated by the middle of August.

With that being said, however, there is one player that is doing everything he can to help the team win – – and that is Jose Altuve. 

Altuve is proving that he is one of the better second basemen in the game of baseball, putting up a slash line of .340/.389/.443 so far this season. Moreover, Altuve is leading the Astros in fWAR because of that slash line and decent glove. I guess Altuve is living proof that good things come in small packages, eh? Nevertheless, considering the Astros are going nowhere in the next few seasons, should Houston contemplate trading their lone All-Star?

As in most trades, there are positive and negatives when dealing a franchise star – – and yes, Altuve is as much as a franchise star as any other player in baseball right now. While it’s obvious the Astros are not very good right now, that once barren farm system is getting better and better.

So, the 23-year old Altuve is definitely a part of the present and future for Houston, especially since he is in the cost-controlled portion of his career. But as long as Altuve keeps producing on a losing team like Houston, trade rumors will continue to circulate. My solution for the Astros would be to extend Altuve, buy out his arbitration years, and make it obvious that he is going to be an Astro for years to come.

That way everyone can win.

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