Is Milwaukee Brewers' Jean Segura Already an Elite Shortstop?

By Bryan Lutz
Milwaukee Brewers’ Jean Segura Off To Incredible Start On Offense
Benny Sieu – USA TODAY Sports

When the Milwaukee Brewers traded Zack Greinke to the Los Angeles Angels at the trade deadline last season, Brewers fans were moping around as if they were George Michael Bluth.

I guess I cannot blame the way Brewers fans felt, since it’s always hard for your favorite team to lose an ace. But, what made the deal even worse was that the package Milwaukee got back appeared a little light. A lot of experts thought the Brewers made a mistake when they acquired a “need” rather than the best available talent.

However, after the first month of the season, that “need” they acquired is proving to be one of the best shortstops in baseball. So, this is my mea culpa to the great Jean Segura. 

I remember saying that the Brewers got fleeced in the deal, figuring that Segura was nothing more than a decent-hitting, good-fielding shortstop. Granted, Segura wasn’t the only player the Brewers received in the deal, but he was easily the top dog.

The Brewers wanted Segura to fill the hole that was left by the the previously traded — for Greinke no less — Alcides Escobar. After a month of play this season, Segura is making my opinions look foolish. Segura’s slash line — which is accompanied with a fantastic glove — is a surprising .349/.376/.538.

Now, it’s very unlikely that Segura keeps swinging the magic wand, but he should be a four-plus win shortstop with his glove.

This just goes to show that the experts aren’t always right when it comes to trades. While Greinke is off making millions upon millions for a team that he wasn’t traded to, Segura will continue to be one of baseball’s best young stars. Smooth move, Milwaukee.

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