Oakland Athletics Might Wish They had Lost Marathon Game in Nine

By David Miller

It isn’t every day that a team plays a nineteen inning game. The Oakland Athletics beat the Los Angeles Angels with a walk-off homer in the bottom of the nineteenth inning. As exciting as the win was, the rest of the game was somewhat costly. Not only did they use every single pitcher on the roster during the marathon game but they also lost two players to injury for uncertain periods of time.

One of those players was Coco Crisp who leads the team in runs scored, homers and stolen bases. Crisp pulled up during the fourteenth inning of the game with a strained left hamstring. Losing him for any lengthy period of time would not be worth the long win against the Angels. Two innings later Chris Young left the game with a strained quad. Obviously both players were hurt because of the late innings they were playing along with whatever circumstances can be added to that.

An exhausted pitching staff can affect the A’s for a few games down the road depending on what kind of starting effort they get. Honestly that one win might result in one starting pitcher or long reliever having to pitch six innings regardless of the score. All things considered, the Athletics could have probably just lost in nine innings with a healthy Crisp and Young along with a normally tired pitching staff and been okay. Having said that, the A’s are always a tough team to beat and not giving up for nineteen innings is certainly proof of that.

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