San Diego Padres’ Robbie Erlin Redeems Himself After Rough MLB Debut

By Michael Terrill
San Diego Padres’ Robbie Erlin Redeems Himself After Rough MLB Debut
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres relief pitcher Robbie Erlin made his Major League Baseball debut Tuesday night in a 13-7 win over the Chicago Cubs. Even though the Padres were victorious, it was obvious Erlin was not happy with his first time on a mound in the big leagues.

The left-hander gave up two earned runs, including one home run, on three hits in the ninth inning. San Diego was smart to place Erlin in the game at that time considering the team had a huge lead over Chicago. I could only imagine the shame that he would feel if he cost the Padres the win in his first appearance in the majors.

Despite allowing the earned runs, Erlin still felt confident about his pitching performance.

“It felt good,” he told “It was good to get the first one out of the way. I was a little amped up, but I felt fine. I felt like I had a pretty good feel for my pitches. Maybe the off-speed release points might have been a little off, but that’s all right.”

San Diego made sure to get the 22-year-old back out on the mound as soon as possible so he could forget about the rough performance. Erlin appeared in Wednesday night’s game against Chicago in which he had a 1-2-3 inning with one strikeout. It was certainly not a bad way to redeem himself, even if the Padres lost the game 6-2.

The good news is San Diego is excited about Erlin getting the call up to the big leagues. They will not allow one bad outing to affect the way they look at him.

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