Mike Trout Will Once Again be a Huge Plus for Los Angeles Angels

By David Miller

Too many people have been questioning the sophomore output of Los Angeles Angels star outfielder Mike Trout. Trout busted on the scene last season with one of the greatest rookie seasons in the history of Major League Baseball. It was so great that he would have won the MVP as well as Rookie of the Year if someone hadn’t of won the Triple Crown. Now in his second season some are wondering where that great swing is and where the Angels boost is when they so badly need it. Those people are forgetting a couple of things.

First of all this was only the first month of the season. For arguments sake we’ll call it April. That makes the new month May by my calculations. One month isn’t enough time to judge someone’s offensive output for the entire season. There are well over a hundred games left to play. Give the boy some time for goodness sake. He is already starting to get that sweet swing working for him and it will just get better over the coming weeks as the weather gets hotter. Trout certainly wouldn’t be the only player that started slow and warmed up with the weather.

Oh and one more thing about this past month having been April, the first month of the season. Some might not know this or might have forgotten but last season’s amazing rookie run for Trout didn’t start until May. He didn’t even get in a game good until May. What month is this new one we are in? Oh right, it’s May! Actually if you want to be technical about it Trout is way ahead of last year’s numbers because he has 3 homers and 17 RBI and last April he had nada.

Trout will be just fine. The Angels have all of the talent that money can buy but sometimes talent doesn’t do a whole lot. What they need is a pure baseball player and that is what Trout is. I don’t know what it’ll do for the big money men or the pitching staff but Trout will be as good as he was last year within a couple of weeks or a month.

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