Seattle Mariners’ Aaron Harang Starting to Come Around

By Michael Terrill
Seattle Mariners’ Aaron Harang Starting to Come Around
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Mariners acquired starting pitcher Aaron Harang from the Colorado Rockies in a trade because they believed he would improve their rotation greatly. Unfortunately, he has struggled mightily for the most part since joining the team. With that being said, after Harang’s top-notch performance on Wednesday it appears he might be over the hump.

Harang allowed 18 earned runs on 25 hits in 18 2/3 innings in three losses prior to Wednesday’s start against the Baltimore Orioles. His 11.37 earned run average was absolutely dreadful, and the Mariners certainly questioned if they had made a mistake trading for the 11-year veteran. However, his performance against a talented team proves that Seattle might be in good hands after all.

Harang allowed just two earned runs on four hits in six innings. He struck out five batters and only walked one in his first victory with the Mariners. After the up and down year he has had it must have been refreshing to finally put it all together for a win.

“Sometimes, it all goes back to stuff we were taught when we were 7-, 8-years-old,” Harang told “People think [mechanical changes] are something huge, a big deal. It’s something usually so minor and basic that no one looks at it.

“Sometimes you go right back to the basics of throwing, period.”

The series win over the Orioles might just be exactly what the Mariners needed to get their season back on track. Starting out the month of May with a win is always a good way to right the ship. It is certainly possible that Harang’s solid performance is a sign of good things to come for Seattle.

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