Seeing All Pitches Overlapped Shows the Brilliance of Justin Verlander

By David Miller
justin verlander tigers
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Tigers might have trouble catching and passing the Kansas City Royals but they do not have a problem striking out the other team’s hitters. One of the biggest reasons for that is of course their ace Justin Verlander. There are a lot of good pitchers on the Tigers pitching staff and across the league. When MLB Network overlapped Verlander’s pitches recently, it displayed exactly what makes him the best in the game right now.

If you look at pitchers that were great you will see a trend. It might seem impossible to me and you but there are pitchers that master the art of motion and release point to the point of being nearly unhittable. When the video was created that overlaps Verlander’s pitches you can see only one Verlander until after the ball is released. The line gets fuzzy around his leg or something but the arm is a solid line of perfection. The fastball, curveball, changeup and slider all come from the exact same motion and release point.

I have news for you. When the batter has no idea what is coming towards him until after the ball is released, he has almost zero time to react. That means he has to guess with a guy like Verlander. All Verlander has to do then is mix his pitches up and presto, unhittable. This perfect release point and motion is exactly the key thing that will put him in the hall-of-fame. You don’t need PEDs when your release is precisely perfectly the same on every pitch. Simply, this is why he is the best.

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