Tampa Bay Rays Pitchers Get Fined for Umpire Comments

By Andy Schmidt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There has been a ton of talk about the whole situation between Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price and umpire Tom Hallion. There were words exchanged and the word liar was thrown around.

I knew that the folks at MLB wouldn’t be big fans of this. The hammer came down on Thursday as Price and fellow Rays starters Jeremy Hellickson and Matt Moore were all fined $1,000, according to reports. Hallion was fined an undisclosed amount.

There is no reason at all for a pitcher and umpire to get into an argument that grows to a point where expletives are used and the umpire is calling the pitcher a “liar” after the game. Who is in the wrong here? Everyone is, in all honesty.

Price was upset about not getting strike calls and voiced his displeasure, and Hallion decided,  according to Price, to fire back at him on the mound. Someone has to be the bigger man here. Price, Hellickson and Moore got fined for their comments on social media. It shows the peril of posting every last thought you have on Twitter.

I really hope that this is the end of this. I don’t want to hear about it anymore being that it has been nearly a week later now. Everyone got their punishment and their checkbooks are a little thinner today. It’s time to move on and get things focused on the field. I will be curious to see what happens the next time Hallion is behind the plate for a Price start. That will be worth watching just to see impact the punishment had on those two.

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