Baltimore Orioles Lose Game, Chris Davis Along With It

By Thom Tsang
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles lost their game against the Los Angeles Angels by a 4-0 score on Friday night, and chances are nobody on the team was worried about it one bit.

Instead, they were likely saving those concerns for breakout star Chris Davis.

See, the loss on the scorecard was just one game out of 162 — hardly a blip in the big scheme of things for the 17-13 O’s. The fact that they may lose Davis for an extended period of time after the first baseman hobbled off the field after suffering a knee injury, though, would have much more significant repercussions.

That unfortunate event happened in the fifth inning, when the slugger landed awkwardly on first base on a groundout, immediately demonstrating signs of pain and eventually being forced to leave the game.

Obviously, considering that the reigning AL Player of the Month is the team’s current top offensive producer in essentially every statistical category, the Orioles’ run production would be taking quite a dip without his bat in the line up.

That said, the severity of the injury to Davis is a relative unknown right now, and the team is still waiting on the results of an MRI at the time of writing.

Even if the team is faced with the worst-case scenario, however, manager Buck Showalter isn’t going to get too down about it. It’s the type of loss that might have even sank a lesser team, but the resilient Orioles have long been facing these types of odds since before their improbable run to the playoffs in 2012.

As the bench boss tells Eduardo A. Encina of the Baltimore Sun, “I don’t live in a gloom and doom [world]. We had things happen to us last year. We’ve already had them happen to us this year …  It’s part of it. Nobody feels sorry for us”.

Whether that optimism will hold up after a few games with Steve Pearce (though no replacement on the team is an adequate one, really), on the other hand, is a whole other story.

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