Carlos Marmol Blows Another Game for Chicago Cubs

By Darren Pare

It was like deja vu all over for Chicago Cubs fans on Saturday. Reliever Carlos Marmol comes into a game with the lead and soon that lead is sure to be gone. It is the reason he was removed from the closer’s role and it is the reason the Cubs should think of demoting him or seeing if they can find some sucker that will take him off of their hands.

On Saturday, Marmol faced only three hitters and managed to walk two of them and hit the other. He is now at the point where he would need a GPS to find home plate from the mound. He has walked at least one hitter in each of his last five appearances.

If I was a starting pitcher on the Cubs and left the game with the lead, I would hate seeing Marmol come into the game. I am all for supporting teammates, but Marmol has had so many chances to get his head on straight that it is pretty clear he can’t cut it in Chicago. I’m not sure if a change of venue would help him, but I know it would certainly help the Cubs.

If manager Dale Sveum keeps trotting Marmol out there in anything but mop up duty, he is going to lose any faith his players may have in him. It is time to admit that Marmol isn’t the answer and move on. Constantly watching wins slip away is a great way to strip a team of their confidence and gets managers fired.


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