David Price and Tampa Bay Rays Find Out Just How Explosive Rockies Are

By David Miller
david price rays
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

If you are just noticing the little team Walt Weiss has fielding the ball in Colorado, I’ll let you in on a secret. The Colorado Rockies are a dangerously good baseball team. Above all else they are explosive offensively and they never stop fighting. The Tampa Bay Rays and David Price found that out first hand on Saturday night as they got beaten badly 9 – 3. Hidden inside this little loss is a lesson for the Rays and other teams. Never give teams like the Rockies extra outs

Price’s line goes like this: 6.2 innings, 9 runs given up, 4 earned runs given up. See that? A grand slam homerun plus another run weren’t earned during the night. You cannot give good teams extra outs because of errors and the Rockies are a very good team. Thus a close game turned into a blowout and the Rays now have to come in fighting tomorrow to salvage the series.

Perhaps the best news of this for the Rockies is that Alex Cobb is going tomorrow and he is very excited to get a few swings in at Coors Field. His swings notwithstanding, Cobb has been the best pitcher on the Rays staff this season and they could use a shut down performance tomorrow against this powerful offensive team.

The Rays proved during this series already that they can play with tough teams. It seems like they sometimes battle themselves as much as the other team however. Pointing to the two errors in this game for example, how much different would the score have been without those mishaps? I’m not saying it made the difference in the game, but it certainly made a small difference at the very least. They will have to work those little things out before really competing on their highest level.

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