New York Mets: David Wright on Pace for a Big Year

By Jerry Elsing
Jim O’Connor- USA TODAY Sports

Watching the New York Mets over the year’s one thing is for certain, when David Wright gets going so do the Mets. After last night’s 9th inning heroics against the Atlanta Braves, Wright proved once again that in order for the Mets to win games, they need Wright to be in top-notch form. This year he is putting on a hitting clinic and is on pace for a career year in many categories.

We’ll look at the HR totals. If he were to continue this pass throughout the season, he would hit 24 bombs this year, sixth most in his career. This is a very good number for Wright, saying he spent most of his career hitting at a much friendlier Shea Stadium than Citi Field. Most people see him as a line drive hitter rather than a power guy. But when Wright is in his zone, you will see him hit the ball to all parts of the field with power and produce home runs.

Wright has been able to drive in players this year at a record rate for him. He has 21 RBI’s so far this year and if that were averaged out for a 162 game season, he would hit 126 for the year. This would be the best in his career but what this stat tells us is the Mets are getting on base in front of Wright. This is something the team will have to continue to do in order to be successful this year. Wright is the big bat in the lineup that is a proven star. We need the other guys at the top of the order to get on for him so he can continue to drive them in.

What really has impressed me is the jump in his step. Wright has already six stolen bases this year which averages to 36 in a season. This too would be a career high. Never did I think we were going to see the Wright of old when it came to being a base stealing threat every time on the bags, but Wright is feeling good this year and will continue to do all he can to help this team win games.

Wright is showing us what he can do when he is fully healthy. Missing most of the 2011 season, I think, hurt him when it came to producing in 2012. Yea he had a good year but I think this year he is showing us why he is still the premier third baseman in all of baseball.

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