San Diego Padres are Hottest Team in National League in Last Ten

By David Miller
san diego padres
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

About a week ago I posted an article about the event that seems to have shifted momentum around for the San Diego Padres. Find it here if you want to read it. Basically a bat flew into the dugout and Chris Denorfia actually got upset, then they came back and won the game. They would go on to sweep rival San Francisco Giants and have won seven of ten overall. Over that stretch of games coming into Saturday there was no one hotter in the National League.

I think possibly the Padres have been a better team that they have played like but another big push was getting slugger Chase Headley back. It wasn’t an overnight surge of power for Headley, though he has played better as he gets more at-bats. What he did was place a powerful and respected bat in the middle of that line-up and that makes a difference. Interestingly enough Denorfia himself has been playing very well as have others.

What it basically comes down to is that they are playing good baseball and other teams find them difficult to beat. That doesn’t mean they are unbeatable obviously but clearly they are better than their record displays. While the discrepancy between their record and their play might not mean a lot now, it will help them chip away at the rest of the division as they strive to have a better first have than they had a first month. At least they know they can always throw bats around if they need another surge of momentum.

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