Philadelphia Phillies Upcoming Week Provides Significant Obstacles on West Coast

By Charlie Lichty

In what should be a challenging road trip, the Philadelphia Phillies begin their West coast journey to the un-friendly “Panda” den of the San Francisco Giants. Following those three games, the Phils move onward for a four-game set against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

AT&T Park is known for its breathtaking views and picturesque setting on the banks of the San Francisco Bay. It’s a spectacular scene the Phillies are hoping to enjoy.

The Giants are vying for the division lead in the NL West with the Colorado Rockies and the Diamondbacks. Led by all-star catcher, Buster Posey and ex-Phillie, Hunter Pence, the Giants should be a solid test of the Phillies mettle.

Almost 800-hundred miles southeast of San Francisco lies downtown Phoenix, Arizona where Chase Field will provide the setting for the second-leg of the Phillies road trip.

Unlike some Diamondback teams of the past, the 2013 version is a team that should continue to compete for a place in the postseason. Although names like Paul GoldschmidtJason KubelEric Chavez and Gerardo Parra aren’t familiar ones to Phillies fans, they are part of a solid core for the D-backs.

As a team, the Phillies haven’t played very well to-date. And unfortunately, road trips are seldom the time when struggling players find their groove.

The next seven games after the Sunday finale with the Miami Marlins will be pivotal to the Phillies fortunes in 2013. It’s no longer early in the season. Time is ticking.

Here’s hoping that Phillie bats launch a few dingers into McCovey Cove, as well as other parts of AT&T Park and Chase Field.

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