Robin Ventura Continues to Make Bad Decisions Against Kansas City Royals

By Bryan Lutz
Robin Ventura Chicago White Sox
Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox went 6-12 against the Kansas City Royals last season, and that record was basically the difference between the White Sox winning the American League Central and losing the division. It’s rather obvious that the Royals have some sort of mental stranglehold on the White Sox, because the players and coaches continue to make the worst decisions imaginable. Today’s loss in extra innings was no different, seeing as Robin Ventura decided to intentionally walk Chris Getz — yes, the Chris Getz that has a .607 OPS — to get to George Kottaras. Not a terrible strategy, sure. But if Kottaras somehow gets on base, then the inexperienced Brian Omogrosso would have to face Alex Gordon with the bases loaded, which isn’t a situation that most pitchers would want to be in. Kottaras, of course, walked, and Gordon ended it with a gapper that Alex Rios could not reach.

Obviously, it’s easy to second guess Ventura in hindsight. However, if you intentionally walk Chris Getz, under any circumstance, you deserve to lose. Remember folks, this is the same manager that intentionally walked Jeff Francoeur twice last season — maybe even in the same game, too. I don’t really remember since I tried to black that memory out of my mind.

Outside of Ventura’s blunder, Addison Reed picked a really bad time to blow his first save of the season, but he absolutely deserved it. Walking the first two hitters — the eight and nine hitters no less — is inexcusable, and his pitch to Billy Butler couldn’t possibly have been any worse.

I’m not ready to say that this squad will be as bad as the 2007 team, but there really isn’t anything to give the fans optimism. It’s cool to play the “it’s early” card, but this team wasn’t very good to begin with.

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