Chicago White Sox Need to Stop Using 1983 Team as Crutch

By Bryan Lutz
Dennis Wierzbicki – USA TODAY Sports

They may be wearing the same uniforms for every Sunday home game, but that’s where the connection ends between the 2013 Chicago White Sox and the 1983 version of the team.

After starting the season with a 12-17 record, the 1983 White Sox won the American League West division by 20 games before losing in the ALCS to the Baltimore Orioles. The 2013 Chicago White Sox have that same 12-17 record, but Carlton Fisk and Ron Kittle aren’t walking through that door, and LaMarr Hoyt is way too old and grey to be walking through that door.

Fans and broadcasters need to stop comparing the 1983 team to the 2013 team for a glimmer of hope, because there is no connection whatsoever.

It may be due to cynical outlook on everything White Sox right now, but there is nothing to indicate that this team is capable of winning even 80 games, let alone 99, and I’m flat out sick and tired of hearing about the 1983 team after every bad April the White Sox have.

Just because something happened 30 years ago does not mean it is going to happen again. I understand that there are some fans out there that are eternal optimists, but this isn’t something to use a crutch.

To put it very simply: this White Sox team isn’t very good. Maybe they have that #TWTW that the good ole Hawkaroo loves, but they don’t have the numbers or the health to be competitive this season.

If this was the American League Central of the past few years, I might be a little more optimistic. But the Detroit Tigers are otherworldly, the Kansas City Royals have obviously improved and the Cleveland Indians are heating up over the past few weeks.

To paraphrase the great Denny Green, the Chicago White Sox are who we thought were — well, they are who I thought they were. And unless that 1983 squad puts some magical pixie dust on this 2013 team, there will be no one to let off the hook.

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